The handmade firm San Giorgio was born in March 2010, in Mattinata Puglia, in the heart of the beautiful land of Gargano ( Italy). Created with enthusiasm by a young entrepreneur, with the clear desire to produce handmade local products that respect the origins, tradition and culinary culture of their land of Puglia. The company selects old regional  and local recipes created by our grandmothers, producing a wide range of handicrafts typical Apulian handmade using 100% of wheat flour selected from Puglia and GMO-free, cooked in a wood oven. Gargano's Gastronomy is exquisite and delicious as well as being genuine and simple. We are spoiled for choice with traditional dishes and local products. One of the leading products in the tables from starter since Puglia is the bread; we find it in delicious "bruschetta" or the typical "Acquasala", toast and soaked in water, then garnished with raw onion, tomatoes, sprinkle with oregano and good extra virgin olive oil, strictly Puglia. The bread is protagonist even in Apulian soups; The cooked bread, bathed in olive oil, combines  with vegetables dishes typical of the area. Among the dishes of vegetables, goodness triumphs in the broad bean puree with wild chicory. In first we should mention the famous "orecchiette pasta" , handmade, with turnip greens. In the Apulian and  Gargano cuisine in general they are associated most often vegetables to  short pasta. Typical short pasta of Puglia are still "strascinate" ( orecchiette's  variant)  or cavatelli,. In the culinary traditions of Puglia  are very popular   meat food,  they can also make delicious ingredients frugal as the guts of lamb. Like the first vegetable food, also meat food  cite  the peasant origin of the local cuisine. Then you can enjoy delicious dishes such as orecchiette with ragu of lamb.Below we list the range of products we produce: dried pasta,  various types of bread, bread biscuits, cakes, savory bagels, bagels and sweet biscuits aromatic.These products accurately reflect the traditions and the origins of our land, "Puglia", thanks to our knowledge, tradition and careful selection of quality ingredients, enhancing flavor and quality.


Panificio San Giorgio di Guerra Raffaele & C.S.N.C

Piazza Rocco Scotellaro 11, Mattinata  

71030 (Foggia).